“Five star service!  Jeanette is absolutely wonderful.  I had to drive around Ironwood Square to find the Skin Spa–look for the Center for Alternative Medicine–but once found I committed it to memory.

I was immediately welcomed by Jeanette herself. The entire place is very clean and serene; exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to waxing.

Jeanette did her absolute best to calm and relax me before, during and after my brazilian.  Not gonna lie, I was kind of freaking out…but the soothing music and relaxing decor worked wonders.  I could have taken a nap on the waxing table, it was so comfy!

Compared to other experiences getting waxed below the belt, this one was by far the least painful. I’m not saying it was a walk in the park, but it wasn’t as bad as I hyped it up to be.

Jeanette is meticulous and confident in her work. Not to be too graphic, but she removed everything (there’s nothing worse than enduring the pain only to get home and see stray hairs…grrrr).

I’ve found my go-to esthetician!  Thank you Jeanette!  Next up…some work on my brows….”

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Serenity Skin Spa is owned and operated by Jeanette Rebeske, Licensed Esthetician. Jeanette has worked as an Esthetician in the field since 2005 in some of the finest spas in the valley, will put her years of experience to work for you to give you smooth and glowing skin.