“Another fantastic service from Jeanette. Yesterday I went in for a facial and did not want to get up off the table. She gives you a very soft wrap around towel to put on before climing in between the sheets for your facial. She also gives you the option of extracting your pores or a shoulder/arm massage. She’s the expert so I let her decide.

I am a massage therapist and work at an establishment where I get discounts on facials. That being said, I still decided to trek all the way from the Moon Valley area over to Scottsdale for a facial. It was money and time well spent.

Excellent job Jeannette. Thank you!”

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Serenity Skin Spa is owned and operated by Jeanette Rebeske, Licensed Esthetician. Jeanette has worked as an Esthetician in the field since 2005 in some of the finest spas in the valley, will put her years of experience to work for you to give you smooth and glowing skin.