Brow Shaping

A lot of spas quickly throw wax on your brows, rip it off and send you out the door (usually red and lopsided). Here at Serenity Skin Spa, brows are held to a much higher standard. Only the most effective, gentle stripless wax is used- protecting your skin from inflammation. The wax is artfully applied to fit your desired shape, and any stray hairs are tweezed away ensuring perfection. Then, the brows are trimmed carefully to give a polished look. In the end, you are left with precisely shaped brows with little to no irritation.

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Serenity Skin Spa is owned and operated by Jeanette Rebeske, Licensed Esthetician. Jeanette has worked as an Esthetician in the field since 2005 in some of the finest spas in the valley, will put her years of experience to work for you to give you smooth and glowing skin.