Brazilian Waxing

If you dare to go bare…down there…then you understand the importance of finding an experienced Esthetician to be quick, precise, and gentle.  At Serenity Skin Spa, you can be assured that your brazilian wax will be exactly that.  During my many years of experience, I have performed countless brazilian waxings, and have attended seminars and classes to better myself in my field,  so you can trust that you are in very capable hands.

Also, not all waxing products are considered equal. Here at Serenity Skin Spa, a hard or strip-less wax is used on sensitive areas, such as the face, bikini area, and underarms.  A lot of spas use strip wax to save money and increase turnover, but at the expense of a more painful and less effective treatment.  Strip-less or hard wax is just better.  It is more gentle, and pulls the hair from the root without breakage- reducing the risk of forming ingrown hairs.

So, when you are deciding where to go to have your most delicate of areas groomed, choose wisely.  Choose Serenity Skin Spa.

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Serenity Skin Spa is owned and operated by Jeanette Rebeske, Licensed Esthetician. Jeanette has worked as an Esthetician in the field since 2005 in some of the finest spas in the valley, will put her years of experience to work for you to give you smooth and glowing skin.