Customized Facial Treatments

I am often asked, “Which facial should I pick?” Because each treatment begins with a detailed skin analysis, there’s really no need to choose.  Each facial treatment is 60 minutes in length, so we are free to select the one that best suits your skin’s needs.  No matter how your... Read more

Brow Shaping

A lot of spas quickly throw wax on your brows, rip it off and send you out the door (usually red and lopsided). Here at Serenity Skin Spa, brows are held to a much higher standard. Only the most effective, gentle stripless wax is used- protecting your skin from inflammation.... Read more

Brazilian Waxing

If you dare to go bare…down there…then you understand the importance of finding an experienced Esthetician to be quick, precise, and gentle.  At Serenity Skin Spa, you can be assured that your brazilian wax will be exactly that.  During my many years of experience, I have performed countless brazilian waxings,... Read more